What Do We Do?

We provide a community based educational center for special education students ages 18-21 with mental disabilities or autism. Our mission is to assist students in increasing their level of independence within the community. To achieve this goal our program addresses the following areas:

The amount of independence each student achieves is individualized based on the extent of the student's disability. Some students will develop the ability to work independently, while others will develop the ability to work in enclaves with direct supervision. Some students will develop the ability to work with an increased level of independence in a sheltered workshop setting .

All students will acquire the daily living skills to live more independently, whether in a setting with minimal supervision, a group home setting, or at home with their families.

Every student will leave the Center with the advantage of having completed a variety of experiences in the community. These experiences offer an opportunity to develop and apply the skills learned in an authentic setting.

Every student will have a transition plan in place prior to graduation from the Center. These transition plans are developed in the conjunction with the family and the adult service providers who will continue to support the student after their school career has ended.